"Many Many thanks for taking care of my vision problem. The new prescription is soooooooo much better. I am reading without difficulty! You're a genius!"

Lisa Siler, June 2013


"I've had glaucoma for years and have been on eyedrops. Dr. Mackey did canaloplasty on my left eye and now my pressure is low and I'm off my drops. I wish I'd had this done years ago!"

Dennis Crawford, June 2012


“Just a note to say ‘thank you’ because you really did make my world more beautiful. It is amazing! In good light I can read the smallest print (without glasses)……and my eyes have adjusted to the light really well.
PS: I still reach up to adjust my glasses sometimes!!”

Jeanette Hudson – Age 85 Jan 2011


Dr. Mackey voted Best eye Doctor for 2010 in the People's Choice Reader's Poll

Corbin News Journal April 2010


“I’ve had a continual problem with my eyes for over 2 years and went to several doctors.  Dr. Ben made my eyes feel better in 3 days than they have in 2 years with many visits to other doctors.”

 Donald Taylor Jan 2010


“Dr. Ben Mackey did a great job on my cataract surgery. I trust him with all my heart and I wouldn’t go to anyone else.”

Carlene Bennett Jan 2010







“I love my new glasses...Due to my hectic schedule I was unable to wait a week for glasses and I was told about Mackey Vision Center...your wonderful experts in the frame shop…choose for me a pair of glasses that seem to ‘belong’ on my face...I’m also wonderfully pleased with the craftspeople who made my glasses. In about an hour I had no-line, transition, scratch-proof bi-focal glasses. Unbelievable! Thanks for everything. The staff at Mackey Vision Center is truly a treasure.”

Lorie Mae Smith Nov. 2009


“I have been other places to get my glasses, but decided to come back to Mackey Vision Center. They have been around for so long, have treated me so well, and can have my glasses ready in under an hour. I’m going to stick with them.”

Carol Harville Nov. 2009




“I’m tickled to death to get my eyesight back, especially at my age. I tell everyone to go see Dr. Mackey.”

Roy Anderson Oct. 2009


"The staff at Mackey Vision Center are great. It's a friendly atmosphere. I wouldn't trust my eyes to anyone else."

Melda Allen Sept. 2009


"Dr. Ben Mackey did cataract surgery on my right eye March 26, 2009 and on my left eye May 7, 2009. I had the Restor 3.0 lenses placed. Dr. Mackey and his staff were very professional, but also gave me a personal caring touch. I could call any time with any concern, large or small, and received a quick response. I was made comfortable with an IV just before the surgery and can honestly say that I had no pain or discomfort during or after the surgery.

I can now see the faces of the Choir members at church and also for the first time in my life my drivers license does NOT read “Restricted to lenses.”

Thank you Dr. Ben, Mackey Vision Center, and God for giving my sight back to me."

Linda Davidson Sept. 2009


"Voted "Best of the Best" Eye Doctor & Place to get Glasses"

2004, 2005 and 2006